Apartments in the Original McLaren's Garage, NZ

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The famous 'McLaren Garage' in Auckland New Zealand is being renovated and the apartment in which Bruce McLaren was born and raised is available to purchase. Aside from key original features, including the famous 'Signature Wall', that are being retained the apartment will be completed to an exacting standard and specification.
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Posted On:July 28, 2017
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Location: New Zealand
The 'McLaren Garage' was built in 1926 and Les McLaren took over the ground floor garage in 1937. Bruce was born the following year and the McLarens lived in the apartment above the garage. After Bruce's premature death in 1970 the building was sold and it is the only building with which Bruce maintained a lifelong association. The building is listed, partly due to its architectural merit but mostly due to its association with Bruce McLaren. Earthquakes are prevalent in NZ and the old building needs to be seismically upgraded to meet current standards and the building is being renovated and extended to fund these works. The approved scheme is respectful to the history of the building and key features of the apartment in which the McLarens lived is protected by covenant. The most notable feature is the 'Signature Wall' that bears the autographs of many famous drivers and characters instrumental in setting up the McLaren team in London.

Anyone interested can find out more from the agent's website,149/
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