An extremely rare M2 1001 from the original 1st owner!

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A rare, once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase an M2 1001 from the original 1st owner. The car is very original with an exception of a few items explained below.
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Posted On:April 8, 2015
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I would like to offer with deep regret, my baby, an extremely rare M2 1001 (vehicle number 246) which I have had in my possession since new. I purchased this car at the age of 22, which was to me a lot of money at the time because I totally fell in love with it. Originally, I was thinking of having her as a keeper forever.

I moved to Germany from Japan last year and brought her with me but due to my back problem (I'm quite tall), I cannot drive her for long hours. It is a pity not to take her out on the open road. This is why I have, after very careful thinking, decided to offer this to someone who will take care of her and appreciate her value.

My objective of this sale is not to achieve high price but to find a new owner who will look after her in the years to come. This car is H plate eligible in a few years in the UK (2 yrs) and Germany (7 yrs).

The car received a full suspension and engine overhaul with crankshaft dynamically balanced at a specialist garage for M2 1001 (total cost: 7000 Euro). New plug wires have been used and the cost includes a freshly painted front bumper and hardtop. Exhaust system upgraded to 1800 as the original exhaust was rusted and could not be repaired. Brake hoses have been replaced with new ones along with a complete caliper overhaul.

General condition of the car is good, with a few minor scratches and minimal dents. The engine has just been run-in, with most original parts on the vehicle with a few exception (these exceptions will be explained). The paintwork is OK and could be enjoyed as is, but a respray in the near future may be a good idea.

The seats are in good condition without any rips or tears.

Soft top has been vandalized during my possession and has not been changed yet (plastic window has turned yellow and brittle). The price includes a new cloth soft top (color can be selected by the new owner).

The car comes with a full history which will be handed over to the new owner.

Here is the detail of the vehicle:

M2 1001 (car number 246)

Mileage: Approx. 80.000 km (since new)

Original items
Driver door leather bag
Leather roll bar covers
Original document case
Owner manual
Original M2 1001 catalog


Front Brakes upgraded to NA8 brakes
Carbon door sill scuff plate
B-pillar brace bar (on seatbelt anchor point with 4 point belt anchor)
Bright Logic one-off brace bar in Alu (A-pillar to roll bar)
Hard top in original M2 1001 color
Cibie Driving lamp mouted in the front spoiler (to replace original fogs)
Cibie Headlamp set (for LHD countries),also original H4 for RHD countries
Mazdaspeed intake manifold for carburettor conversion
Weber 40 DCOE twin choke carbs (Original italian, not the poor spanish!)
(If you can manage to get an MOT for carbureted model, this car is so much more fun with it! I put the original injection back for TUV in D)

Non original items

Left side door mirror

Despite the vehicle costing twice as much as a stock MX-5 in 1992, the quality of parts used was not the best. The plastic seal used to mount the mirror glass deteriorated over time and shrunk. As a result, the mirror glass fell off upon door closure. Original mirror body is available and currently a similar aftermarket mirror has been mounted.

Shock absorber

The original shocks (made by KYB, or Kayaba) has been NLA since years now. The car is mounted with stock NA shocks from Showa with original M2 1001 springs, which match very well with original ride height with better comfort.

Damaged or missing item

Driver side door opener
Sadly, this part which is very fragile was damaged during shipment to Germany. The damaged piece is available and is probably repairable).

Alloy wheel cap
Similar to the door mirror, this item is a painted plastic part that shrinks over time and fell off the car. 2 are missing and parts have been NLA for a long time.

This car comes with an extremely rare, window regulator set and a gearshift knob/side brake handle which was one of the design proposal that was not selected for production.

In order to avoid wasting time for both parties, I kindly ask you to contact me if you are serious about purchase.
Price is negotiable , but please do not contact me and ask for significant discount, which I will not do.
My ultimate goal is to find a new home and to achieve a win-win for both parties.

My commitment to the new owner is to try to source some of the missing parts to the best of my power at cost. Please bear in mind that this is a car that was manufactured over 20 yrs ago so I cannot guarantee this.

The car can be viewed upon appointment in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Thank you for taking your time to read my posting!
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